California Cool

In LA Fashion on December 10, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Alex finds East Coast style in the heart of Los Angeles

Here in LA, we are blessed with sunny skies and warm weather year round. But ’tis the season when the temperatures dip into the low 50’s, and there are so many amazing outfits to be inspired by that incorporate winter weather essentials right here on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

So, I was on the hunt for posh guys when I met stylish Stuart, who was strolling through the City Hall neighborhood. It was one of the coldest LA days I had ever experienced and I told him the outfit he was wearing was very East Coast. He told me that he loves to layer in a warm, solid palette. When I asked him where he bought his ultra-cool gray vest, he couldn’t quite remember if he it was purchased from H&M or EXPRESS. “One of those two!” he told me with a laugh. He got his tight leather jacket at 21 Men, as well as the pants. The scarf was from a vintage shop “where [he] finds so many other fashion treasures.”

Stuart is a photographer who was shooting around LA when I spotted him. I wish I could’ve seen his instagram! Keep warm and have a wonderful winter!

Smiles from Cali,


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