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New York City Style: Meet Adrien

In NYC Style: Meet Adrien on June 30, 2013 at 5:21 am

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Meet Adrien: UES Fashion Maven
Co-Founder and Co-Editor of City Style @

Contact Adrien:

Hello everyone! I’ve never been good with introductions because as soon as I meet someone that I like, I instantly want to be their friend, and I expect them to know all about me. Alas, like a pair of new Louboutins, I must be broken in.

My name is Adrien, and I’m 15 years old living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Home to gorgeous townhouses, Central Park, a deep history, and of course Gossip Girl. I’m sure you want me to say that my personal style is a mix but unfortunately it is not. I mostly choose for classic silhouettes. Audrey Hepburn black cigarette pants and flats are usually my go to paired with my vintage LV bag.

Paris is my most favorite city in the ENTIRE world (so far), and I speak French almost fluently. Pretty much, I like Europe, NYC, travel, reading Vogue, fashion, and French. What else could a girl want (other than those gorgeous Valentino pumps sitting alone on the sale rack at Bergdorf‘s)? I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Grace Coddington‘s new memoir, Grace, and despite what some might say I WILL work with her one day. Joan Rivers is my life and words cannot describe my admiration for that woman. Funny, talented, and unbelievably chic. I’m going to see her on July 20th, and I can’t even wait one more second. If you couldn’t figure it out yet, I’m a die hard Joan Ranger (salute!)!

I also am a slight perfectionist, and the little things do matter. I think it’s wrong that Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize Louboutin as a real word, how there’s no Jack Wills in NYC, and how no one remembers Diana Vreeland-but that’s just me.

My job on this blog is to bring all of you readers the scoop of what’s happening in style and trends in NYC. Jordan will do the same from D.C. and once a month we will have L.A. and Chicago correspondents bring you all the delicious dish from the West Coast and Windy City.